Natural Ways to Get Rid of Sun Tan

Sun tan lotion should be applied prior to prolonged exposure to the sun, which will greatly lower the chances of any potentially life-threatening skin conditions. As a general guide, sun tan lotion should be applied every 1 - 2 hours no matter what the SPF level.
"When it comes to getting a sun tan, you can choose from between getting a natural sun tan by spending time outdoors or you can get a tan by visiting a tanning bed. Both methods can provide you with the same quality of tan, though a tanning bed is convenient because you can tan throughout the year.

Increased tanning times greatly improves the odds of the powerful UV rays that are emitted from the tanning bed bulbs being able to damage the cellular structure of your skin. There have been some studies shown that tanning beds should be limited to folks that are no longer teenagers as a precaution to prevent overexposure to harmful rays and to prevent serious damage which could result in skin cancer at a later time in that person's life.

Some women look gorgeous in their late fifties from taking care of their skin. They didn't worry about sun tanning because they were aware of the ravages caused from exposure to the sun. They stayed out of the sun as much as possible but when they were in the sun, they used lotion and always wore sun glasses.

The scars from the stretch marks will tan at about the same rate as the rest of the skin and make the stretch marks much less obvious. Remember to use a high protection factor sunscreen, the tan will take longer but the skin won't get damaged.

People with darker skin are better protected from the sun. They usually develop a nice even suntan. People with a fair skin, instead of an even suntan may develop sunburns and uneven pigmentation. This is due to that their skin does not produce enough of melanin to protect itself.

The best tanning lotion should first have a cooling effect upon application and have quick-dry formulation. Aside from that, you should look for a product that is non-greasy and has no staining elements. Tanning lotions with staining elements can cause tawny skin and not tan skin.