Reasons Why Men Pull Away From You

It can be completely isolating and confusing to have a man suddenly turn away from you. It's almost as if he's slamming walls in your face, on purpose. You know it very well: those moments when he seems to completely shut down, and he throws up all kinds’ walls and road blocks.

By space we don't mean space in the wardrobe or the couch. It means breathing space which each and every individual craves. If a man feels stifled, he will pull away faster than you realize. So, give your man the kind of space that you too like to have and watch him remain loyal to you for as long as you want.

It's important to give your man the space he needs when he is having personal problems. Eventually he will figure things out and your relationship will return to normal. As a woman, it is important to understand that about your man. If he goes into his den, garage, man cave etc. he really doesn't want you to follow him in there, trying to get him to talk about what is bothering him.

Men are also quite susceptible to feeling pressured when in a relationship. It is odd because women feel otherwise. The ladies usually feel happy and light hearted when they are with the man they love but the impact of being in a relationship to a man is different. 

Confronting a man about this subject may be uncomfortable, but if he really is interested in you he will want to work things out. If he just blows off your feelings and tells you there's nothing to worry about, or if he gets angry and starts to pick a fight, he was not the right guy for you anyway and it is best to end that relationship and move on.

If the man is pulling away and you pursue him too aggressively you may end up pushing him away. On the other hand, if you also withdraw from the relationship, it will die.