Romantic Ideas To Rekindle Your Relationship

If you are looking for gifts that can help you rekindle your relationship with your boyfriend in no time, then you might have some trouble doing so. After all, finding gifts that are both unique yet romantic at the same time, and can show how much you love him to boot, can prove to be quite tricky.
Plan a romantic day trip to a nearby city as a special surprise for your lady. Map out possible restaurants, venues, or do some sightseeing and prepare a picnic lunch. She'll love how much thought you put into creating a day for the two of you to enjoy.

Amidst your busy schedule, set aside some time every week to go on a date with your partner. For example, you could set every Saturday night as date night and go out to have dinner or catch a movie. Treat this date as though it was a first date! Take extra care when choosing the clothes to wear for the date.

Kissing is a great way to build intimacy, be romantic and even be passionate! Kisses remind us that we are loved and studies show that couples who kiss goodbye each morning are happier and live longer than those who do not.

Texting is a fast way how to rekindle a relationship. It beats nagging and telling him what it is he isn't doing anymore. Men don't really respond to us talking to them, it's actions that get their attention.

One of the easiest ways to maintain and strengthen the connection between the two of you is to talk. Talk like you used to, share each others lives, hopes and dreams. It can just be the basics like, how was your day, nothing earth shattering but you are showing an interest in your partners life which will be appreciated.

Purchase a sheet of colorful tissue paper, a blank card, a decorated small cardboard box and some massage oil. Display the tissue paper on top of the box and write this kind of massage on the blank card.
As much as you need to communicate, as any good writer will tell you: you've got to show not tell. Your behavior needs to communicate the same message your mouth is. Ninety percent of what we say happens through body language. Watch your own and ensure it's expressing what you intend.