Signs to Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

A boyfriend that's unfaithful can usually bring tension to a relationship. However, they leave so much signs, which, with your little patience, plus allowing him to have space and time to cheat, can help you catch your dishonest boyfriend without hiring a pricey private investigator. When your boyfriend tells you he is going somewhere else with friends and you insist of going, he has lots of reasons of not allowing you to come. 

Your boyfriend might be cheating on you if he suddenly changes his routine without any cause or reason. As a girlfriend, you are already familiar with his daily routine. So when you notice some changes, you can't help but become suspicious. But before you become paranoid, you should first look at the changes carefully and try to analyze them.

You can try calling him unexpectedly at a different time more frequently. If another girl is with your boyfriend, he probably will talk awkwardly and may not even call your usual pet name.
While dating someone, over time you'll establish a routine together. But when your man starts breaking that routine without rhyme or reason, there could be another woman. Is he staying out very late or leaving early in the morning before work to run errands or do stuff? These are signs he could be meeting another girl.

Does he behave weird and uneasy when you get nearer to the computer or whilst he reads his e-mails? Does he get annoyed if you ask him what he is up to on the computer perhaps the reasons he is connected to the internet a great deal of the time, and more than usual?

Anything contrary to his usual habits like an increase or decrease in intensity, intimacy or details during chats show he's troubled. This deviation in your boyfriend's usual behavior means he's trying to compensate for some change. Either he’s just awestruck by his new location, job or classes or trying to settle in or he really is cheating on you.

In addition to paying attention to the above signs your boyfriend is cheating, you really have to trust your instincts. You can't know everything for certain until he either tells you, or you catch him in the act.