Signs Your Man Fears Relationship Commitment

Men are visual, which means if you let yourself go, he will lose interest. He doesn't want to commit to a woman who is only going to get worse. Maintain yourself physically and health wise, to prove you are willing to be the best you can be for him.

There are then going to be numerous challenges that will appear in one's life due to having this fear. The primary one is probably going to relate to the area of intimacy and in attracting the kind of woman or women that one wants.

Many men who fear commitment do so because they are terrified of losing their freedom. They envision evenings and weekends spent shopping or antiquing instead of hanging out with their friends watching sports or fishing. Make it crystal clear to your man that you have no interest in monopolizing his time after if things become more serious. The best way to do this is to show him that you aren't about to give up your life either.

Some men feel there is nothing wrong with how they feel and don't have any intention of changing their behaviors or how they feel about you. Remember that you are not going to be able change him, just your reaction to it. You cannot make a man commit to you if he incapable of doing so.

One of the biggest reasons that men are afraid to get into a committed relationship is because they fear that once they commit, they will lose their freedom. In fact, men who have had divorces in the past are usually even more cautious when it comes to commitment because of this reason. The key here is to make him understand that he will have the same amount of freedom after marriage as he has now.

It may be true that most intimate relationships that he will get himself into will come to an end. It's not being cynical. It's being realistic. But as much as these relationships would eventually cause him pain when he decides to part ways, there is this one relationship that will work out and she is the right woman for him. He will not be able to find this person if he does not go out there and try to overcome his fear of intimacy. 

Your partner is probably tired of how your relationship is going. You might be living a very predictable and routine-based life. Bring your relationship on a higher level and do a lot of things that you haven't done before. You can go out on a vacation or eat at an expensive restaurant every once in a while. Spend some time and share bonding moments with him.

The best way to remove his fear is by going on a long holiday with him even when he has not committed to you. When you go on a vacation let him enjoy his freedom and he will realize that you are not the kind of person that will chain him or put him on a short leash. This is an indirect way of removing his fear of commitment.