Things to Avoid On Your First Date

First dates can be really stressful especially when you're the one planning it. You'd want to make it as simple as the conventional "dinner and a movie" setting but this is often considered a bad first date idea.
You may feel uncomfortable sitting in front of your date while eating because you'll be conscious with the way you chew your food, the way you speak, the way you sit, and anything else in between.First dates are supposed to be about first impressions due to the fact that this may determine if there is a possibility of a second date.

Just because he's asked you out, don't assume that he thinks you're going to be joined at the hip from now on. Give a guy a chance to get to know your likes and dislikes before you plan his wardrobe and the rest of his life.

The guy in front of you is interested in you - and this is why he asked you out. At this point, he's not interested in your past relationships so there's no reason to blurt out what went wrong with them. Men are turned off by women who badmouth their exes.

Many men make the mistake of talking on the phone while on their date. This can make a woman feel unappreciated as she got all dressed up for the night in question. Do yourself a favor and turn the phone off. This is the best thing that you can do for yourself when on a date with a woman. Here's something else to avoid.

Do not talk things as if you're a pro if in reality you are clueless. You would end up saying the wrong things that will confuse your date a lot. Look smart. If you happen to be unaware of what he's saying about the sports hockey, ask him questions. He will even be amused because you are paying interest on what he is talking about.

Among the dating mistakes that you should avoid is being too obvious about how you feel toward your date. If you find your date too irresistible and you are eager for his kiss then you must not show how desperate you are for it. It will make him think that you are an easy catch and might make him lose interest in you. You have to know how to show your interest in him in a subtle way so he will be comfortable to make his moves.

Arriving late on your first date highlights the fact that you are not serious about the other person and leaves a bad impression on him/her. Leave a favorable impression on your date by being on time or better still ahead of the designated time.

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