Top 8 Exercise Without Joining a Gym

Swimming for fitness is one of the best ways to exercise without a gym. Gyms can get overly busy, sweaty and be a little overwhelming if you don't know your way around. Also, gym memberships can be costly. But swimming as an exercise is hard to hate. It's very effective and a fun way to exercise.

Pull Up Use two chairs and a pole - a heavy broom handle works well. Warning: make sure the chairs are stable and that the broom handle is strong enough to take your weight. You could be severely injured if the pole were to break or the chairs to slip. Lie on your back underneath a low bar. Grab the bar with a wide overhand grip. Lower and repeat for 6-8 reps.

Kettleballs are small weights with a handle on top that are used for "ballistic" type exercises, like jerks, swings and snatches. They are one of the best ways around to get resistance training and cardio at the same time, while burning an amazing 400 calories or so in a 30 minute workout.

For the legs, lunges are the best way out, where an individual can begin even without having weights, and after a while, adding weights on the shoulders will help to burn fat around the legs as well as to build some muscles. 

Sit-ups are very effective for abs, since an individual would only need to lie on his or her back, keep his or her legs straight, and then try to sit up as many times as possible. Sit-ups get rid of fat around the stomach and keep an individual's weight in check.

Handstand push-ups are a variation on regular push-ups that focus on working the shoulders and arms more, but the chest still gets a decent workout. Place your feet against the wall and balance with your palms on the floor, as though in a handstand position. Then lower your upper body towards the floor until your head nearly touches the floor, and repeat.

Working at home is a great way to get fit without spending much money on sports equipment or expensive subscriptions to health clubs. You can get a great workout home follow simple body weight exercises and combine them into circuits or intervals.

Simple squats are a great way to work your thighs, calves and buttocks. Squats will also allow you to work on your core muscles and it is usually considered to be a great total body workout. Start with simple squats and then move up to squats with free weights as your comfort level increases.

Forget crunches, planks are the only core exercise you'll ever need to do again. Start out in the same position that you would use to do a push up but lower yourself down to your elbows. Now hold your body completely straight for as long as you can.

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