Top Reasons We Need Friends

Having best friends has been defined in society as important because of the need to make connections to other people on deeper levels. Understanding this importance provides you with good motivation to learn communication skills so you develop strong friendships.

It is important that you, on the very onset of your friendship, set your mind that your best friend will always be your best friend, nothing more, nothing less. The 'mind over matter' rule could still apply. Make a personal rule that it is forbidden to entertain any thoughts regarding your best friend being your ideal partner, or else, you will always hold on to that mental note and eventually, label him as an ideal partner not as a best friend.

Talking instead of listening. With best friends, we can talk about deeper things. We can share problems that we don't have all worked out. We tend to tell best friends what's really going on with us. When your best friend is a someone you grew up with, you continue to hold dear many of those childhood experiences you shared, throughout life, they tend to keep you close.

A true sign of having a best friend is during an emergency or in a time of need. I call them flat tire friends as they are always there for you not just when you get a flat tire or need help but any time you need them, even if you just need an ear or a sounding board. 

Best friends always have your back. In moments of powerlessness, despair and confusion, best friends come into your life, walk beside you, and never leave your side, irregardless of your shortcomings. You can always count on best friends to share; pain, joy, fears, hopes, dreams, visions, food, drink or just a good laugh and great company.

If your best friend is the first person you inform about important things in your life, and even your heartaches and frustrations, then that simply shows that you trust your best friend than any other person you know.