Wear Your Sneakers For Their Intended Purpose

The best way to make your uniform shoes last is to take special care of them. Unlike running shoes or dress shoes that you might wear a few times during the week, nursing shoes are on your feet for the whole duration of your shift. Because your footwear takes a pounding while you're on your feet its best to have an alternate pair to trade off with so you don't wear down one pair to quickly.
If you have a sharp pain on your arches (the area between the ball and heel of the foot) from wearing flats or flip flops, do a stretch exercise with your toes. Lift your toes individually about 20 times, then splay them about for half a minute.

You can wear any style brown colour shoe with your jeans. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is avoid wearing shinny shoes, which are actually meant for dressier outfits or for part wears. Trainers, loafers, sandals and boots team up quite well with a pair of jeans. Your shirt style will determine the brown shoe style that will make you look best.

However, the important thing is just to make sure that they match your outfit. You know, if you pair up your outfit and your shoes properly, then whether you shoes are mens or womans should not matter - and most people will not even tell the difference.

Shoe accessories can create spectacular shoes, designed just for you. They are easy to use with a simple clip that doesn't damage the shoe, enabling you to chop and change throughout the day. Shoe clips can be placed on the front or back of the shoe to add that finished touch.

Once your shoes are dry and are looking great, you should take them in and have them resoled or heeled. This way you are getting a new pair of shoes, but without the cost and without having to wear them in.

If you think that high heels are the only shoes option that brides have, think again. You can always opt for bridal sandals or flats if you find that you're really not that comfortable wearing sky high heels. Depending on the style of your dress, you can choose trendy sandals or flats which are specifically designed for the modern bride.