Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Your Special Occasion

Mehendi ceremony has been celebrated for a long time and no marriage is complete without this ceremony. It is also said that mehendi is one of the adornments of the bride and it is required that the bride wears it.
Arabic mehndi consists mostly of floral designs; animal and human figures are not usually used. Arabic includes traditional henna, henna designs and special general Hedrabadi only such traditional henna designs, recently lured Peacock, quoted trunk assign the best of luck as an elephant through contemplation.

The Indian style includes the feature of fingertips being covered fully in henna. Pakistani mehndi pattern is the most detailed one therefore the application of the Pakistani Mehndi is a bit time taking.

African designs comprise geometrical figures and dots while the Arabic designs have medium sized motifs of flowers, leaves and vines.African mehndi pattern are very rarely used for Mehndi application. It includes the geometric figures and dots.

A bridal design usually extends up to the elbows or even higher. Another common practice in bridal Indian designs is depiction of sacred pictures such as om, swastika and Lord Ganesha. The entire hand is filled with beautiful designs and almost no part of the hand is left blank.

Mehandi has no side-effects and in some places it is considered as Ayurvedic medicine for hair. It is made of henna and water and some people also mix water of tea leaves into this mixture to get a darker color once the mehandi is removed.

Indian mehndi styles are known for the big dot and figure on the palm center. In Indian designs the finger tips are usually colored completely with the mehndi.