Benefits from Using a Transport Wheelchair | Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs are easily recognizable because of their small wheels. While standard wheelchairs have large rear wheels to allow users to rotate them for steering and propulsion, as they have small and low rear wheels, thus requiring a companion to push the wheelchair. With this design, transport wheelchairs are sleeker and smaller in scale, making it more nimble and convenient to move in tight spaces.
The wheelchair has removable and swing away footrests that are sturdy and easy to use. In addition, the footrests have an aluminium footplate that gives durability to the wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs are useful for transporting patients from place to place. For a person with limited mobility, this is essential for the person to do some sightseeing, attend appointments and meetings and generally makes life easier as otherwise they will have to remain in one area or carried by hand, which of course is impractical.

The wheelchairs can also be fitted with accessories to increase comfort and ease. Some basic accessories include trunk positioning systems, foot and leg positioning systems to help unsteady feet, neck rests for a more comfortable head and neck.

They are made of titanium which is light weight metal. Standard wheelchairs are made of aluminum which is why they are so much heavier. They work well for use on vacation and around the house. When you have this type of wheelchair you do not have to buy two; you can use the light weight one for everything.The materials being used are actually lighter materials that are why it is cheap and light. So you can save your money and at the same time you can enjoy the comfort of this transport wheelchair.

The prices differ depending on the materials and the extra functions that are built into the chair. They have variations from the straight backed to the recliner, from the non-motorized to the motorized and also the way in which it is folded.

People may benefit from the use of transport chairs if they are in a situation where they cannot, due to physical or mental limitations, use a motorized wheelchair to transport themselves. This is an extreme situation, considering the fact that power wheelchairs are designed to be operated even by people with minimal muscle strength or hand coordination.

 When choosing a wheelchair, you must first decide if you want to buy a lightweight, folding wheelchair or a heavy duty one. Once you know which one you need, you can start looking for a specific model. There are many different models of wheelchairs to choose from, and you can even research or shop online.


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