Best Anti-ageing Exercises for Your Face

They are a series of exercises you perform on various areas of your face and neck to firm, tone and strengthen targeted muscles. Based on what area of the face you want to work on, you simply perform the specific exercises to improve the muscle tone, which results in a firmer, more youthful appearance.
Exercise is not only good for your body, but your face as well. There are certain facial exercises you can undertake in order to keep your skin looking healthier and younger. There are a number of facial exercises such as the Crow feet exercises, double chin and cheek exercises which will help in tightening your facial muscles and with that keeping you looking younger.

Flabby muscles make you look older; if your arm muscles jiggle, those muscles need exercise. If your thighs look dimply or the skin on your upper inner thigh feels thickly soft, you can firm and tone that area with exercise. The same with a thick waist, a droopy backside or a bulging tummy; exercise is the solution.

Face Massage is also a form of anti aging Facial Exercises. You should regularly do face massaging in order to keep the skin cells alive. They rejuvenate your membrane under your face and eliminate wrinkles. It also helps your face to get properly moisturized.

Anti aging facial exercise for lips requires you to push your lips out and make a round shape, stretching them forward in the process. Now smile as wide as possible, hold for a second and resume the round shape again. This needs to be repeated 10 times a day.

Most anti-aging facial exercises are designed to work one area of the face at a time, for example your forehead, eyes or cheeks. The easiest to do is the chin lift. This is achieved by holding a pout for a few seconds. This helps to tone the muscles around the jaw line and stop the saggy jaw - a common feature of aging.

Your face is bone, skin and tiny muscles around the bone and under your skin that give your face some of its shape. These muscles get droopy with time, causing a tired and aged appearance. On the other hand, these tiny muscles respond to exercise just like any other muscle.