Best Homemade Face Masks to Detox Your Skin

There are many benefits in using mud masks including exfoliation of the skin. Mud contains tiny particles that gently exfoliate and scrub away the dull dead skin leaving healthy revitalized, glowing skin to be revealed.
The natural minerals found in Mineral Mud get absorbed through the skin and provide much needed nutrients to improve elasticity, moisturize, and eliminate dry patches.They are not expensive, and as a result you can afford to try different Mineral Mudd clays from different regions of the world.

You should never use detergents or harsh soaps to clean the face as they strip the skin of all its natural nutrients and age fighting resources.

A healthy diet that contains an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and protein is inherent aspect of good face care regimen. Drinking plenty of water/fluids except soda and caffeine to detoxify the body, taking sufficient sound sleep and doing regular exercises are other crucial factors to maintain healthy skin.

A Green Clay Mask is recommended for normal to oily skin types and those with enlarged pores. The slight acid pH level of 5.4 in this clay mask will leave your skin glowing with health. Soft green clay is composed of Muscovite, montmorillonite, quartz, Kaolinite, albite, anorthite, and microcline, all naturally extracted from the earth.

Seaweeds have been traditionally used to detoxify the body both internally and externally. They are rich in nutrients which help to both tone and nourish the skin. Seaweed contain mineral salts that can help the skin to hold it's moisture better, which helps to smooth fine lines.

Argiletz clays are high quality sun dried clays that come from Argiletz, a region in France, where they are extracted at specific depths in areas that are free from contamination. They are quarried under strict conditions to ensure that their mineral content and purity is retained.