Curd-All In One

Curd has friendly bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilus that is very good for the digestive system. Curd can neutralize toxic substances before they can turn carcinogenic or cancer-causing. Curd helps to fight diarrhea, helps colon health and reduces the risk of colon cancer.
Mix curd, sugar and cardamom powder well in a cup and eat it with a spoon. Sugar provides instant energy in any season. Our body loses minerals and water through sweating in summer, after heavy house work or a tiring work out. This makes man tiered and thirsty. This preparation instantly boosts energy and reduces body fatigue.

It is also a good source of protein, which helps give the body energy to keep you going throughout the day. Protein is an essential building block for many systems in the body, including your muscles. Protein is also good for curbing your appetite and helping you feel full for a longer period of time.

Diary products like milk, curd, yoghurt, cheese and its other by-products are the best sources of available and usable calcium. Switch to soya milk if you are lactose (enzyme present in dairy products) intolerant with uncomfortable digestive effects.

Mix moong dal (green gram) powder with curd and massage it to scalp and brush it on hair. Wash it off after 1 hour. This helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff. It also helps to increase hair growth.

This food is beneficial to health. Usually, it is made of soybeans, which are rich in protein. It provides people with eight necessary amino acids, some fat, adequate carbohydrates, various vitamins and minerals.

Sweet curd is an indigenous sweetened fermented milk product popular in the eastern parts of the India, particularly, in the district of West Bengal. Because of its brown colour as a result of caramelization of sugar during heating, it is also called Lal Doi.

Curd is so effective for this treatment that even the professional medical doctors recommend it. You can either choose to add curd to your diet or apply it at the affected part of the body. The reason why Curd is preferred as one of the best home remedies for yeast infections, because of the presence of lactobacillus acidophilus, one of your body's "friendly bacteria".

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