Decor Ideas to Brighten up a Dark Room

Many of us have that one dark room in our houses that could do with a real brighten up. Whether this is because it lacks natural light or if it is the size of a matchbox there is always a solution. These solutions do not have to be expensive and you do not have to redecorate the entire room.
In a room that has small windows with little natural light, you can use mirrors to reflect light sources to make a room appear even lighter and brighter. Even better, a dark, cramped room will benefit from light, refreshing paint colors like green, white, and yellow since they will reflect light and help to open up a space.

The choice of colors is very much up to whoever uses the room, but I personally prefer a light cool blue for the walls and white for the ceiling. Too dark a color makes the room look gloomy and too bright a color makes the room not restful. Light blue or green are usually most suitable.

A lot of times a dark carpet or throw rug can bring a room down more than you would think. If you have hardwood floors in the room, either taking away a darker colored throw rug or adding a lighter colored rug can instantly brighten up the space.

Place mirrors in strategic areas around the room or even around the entire property. Mirrors create a nice mood in a room, they reflect light well and they give the impression of a bigger room.

Although dark flooring seems the most practical in a room which is so near the front door, light tiles or medium oak flooring are quite easy to clean and will make the room seem much brighter than dark carpet or other flooring.

Teak wood is exceptionally durable and looks terrific in any room but particularly the dining room. Teak dining furniture requires no maintenance other than wiping it down once in a while and cleaning up liquid or food spills immediately.

Ceiling fixtures such as ceiling fans work great to improve circulation in the room, which makes central air conditioning not a necessity anymore. The air in the room will be pushed around to improve the circulation, and can also cool any room enough to make it feel comfortable even in the middle of summer.