How To Attract Birds And Butterflies To Your Yard

Many homeowners want to attract more butterflies to their yard, but have no idea where to start. The best way to do this is to provide butterflies with a variety of plants that are attractive to butterflies indigenous to your area. Don't just go to your local big-box retailer and buy anything with the word "butterfly" in it. Do some basic research for yourself, which is very easy to do online, and you'll fare much better.
Putting out bird food is a good way to attract birds to your yard. To attract a greater variety of birds put out different foods such as seed, nuts and fat. Use different feeders, some hanging and a table or platform as different species feed in different ways. Ground feeders will pick up whatever is dropped from either hanging or table feeders.If you have a pond or fountain already then that's great but starting from scratch can be very expensive so don't think you have to have a full blown water feature to attract birds.

Birds and butterflies can be simply pulled in to your backyard with food. Both fancy berries and sweet things, so consider put these on a smallish container in your patio area. It's fundamental to maintain birdfeeders fully clean and free of bacteria. Whenever the feed gets humid it will become a breeding ground to mildew and mold and bacteria, that is definitely not good for your family as well as the birds.

Wild bird food is pretty inexpensive and will attract a variety of birds. You don't even need a feeder, you can throw bread crumbs and seeds across the lawn, birds are not that picky. Just watering the lawn will bring worms to the surface for robins to enjoy.

If you love nature and colorful garden plants, then planting sunflowers, Echinacea, thistle, milkweed and berry bushes are popular for bringing in birds and wildlife to your garden, while adding color to your outdoor living area.

Make sure to be on the lookout for these predators and if noted, you should discourage them to hanging out around your bird feeders. Do not feed stray cats as this may encourage them to linger on your property.

Choose your habitat spot that is mostly in full sun but with some shady areas. For cold weather provide flat rocks that will absorb heat from the sun so they can warm themselves. For windy days provide structures that will give them a place to get out of the wind. This can be in the form of plants, a natural element or something you build.

Butterflies are cold blooded creatures, so when planning your butterfly garden, be sure that you have many flowers that are in the sun. Also be sure to use your butterfly feeder in the sunny spots in your garden.