How to Lose Weight While Quitting Smoking

The fear of weight gain discourages many smokers to attempt giving up smoking. They rather avoid weight gain than quit smoking. Studies show that at least 25 percent of ex-former smokers with weight-gain phobia lose weight after quitting smoking.
There are two major reasons why this myth came to be; fist, smokers are just making up this excuse in order to protect their addiction. Secondly, smokers intentionally or unintentionally develop bad eating habits while during the withdrawal stage.

You don't want to start all over again with the difficult process of quitting smoking. Once you are able to maintain your weight and withdraw from smoking, do your best not to go back to this unhealthy habit, ever again.

Exercising will not only help you trim down the fats. It will also assist you in quitting smoking. Studies have shown that people who exercise are less likely to smoke.

Nicotine also does increase your heart rate. The slight increase in metabolism that you get as a result of cigarette smoking can be achieved by taking a calming walk around the block. And the walk around the block also works to tone your muscles and make you feel better all over.

If you have ever tried to quit smoking and gained weight, you can think about where the pitfalls were. Was it in the extra sweets in the evening, lack of exercise or something else? What can you do differently this time? This is the way to avoid traps.

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It may also be a good idea to use smoking patches for a while. Stop smoking but replace cigarettes with something else. Make sure you talk to your doctor about what nicotine replacement is the best for you. Plan a well-balanced diet to avoid hunger and include a high fiber diet with fruits and vegetables and minimum amounts of sugar.