How to Use Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

Flowers are very delicate to arrange, but with a perfect color combination, you'll get wonderful bouquets and flower arrangements. If you want roses, you can either have white roses dyed blue or mix white roses with blue flowers instead. Blue and white wedding flowers can really make a striking combination.
White roses and hydrangeas were used along with white votive candles wrapped with lemon leaves and white ribbon. In addition white floating and pillar candles were part of the wedding table decor as well. The linen was white sequined and silver napkins were tied with white ribbon.

You can use your wedding flowers on wrist corsages. Not only will this serves as an accessory for your entourage, but this can make your whole wedding look coordinated. The pews, aisle, and altar, if you are holding a church ceremony will look decadent when you use flowers as decorations for these areas.

Use bright colors such as green, pink or orange. Serve up lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and offer a sorbet for dessert. Use a wedding cake that speaks of summer by utilizing flavors such as strawberry or lemon. Summer wedding flowers typically include lilies, daisies, orchids and mums.

Tulips in different colors are considered as friendly and some of the most cherished flowers available during spring. The nice thing about tulips is that you can easily mix and match these with other flowers. When preparing for your spring wedding, don't be limited with the clean looks and appeal of Dutch tulips. There are other varieties of tulips that can be tapped for the occasion.

Choose your favorite color, or a color that flows with the theme of your wedding. You may choose to make your wedding flowers match the flowers in your wedding bouquet, or even match the color of your bridesmaids' dresses. You can find colored crepe paper at any craft store; you can also try a party supply store for different colored paper.

Keep in mind a wedding will typically last 4 to 6 hours and flowers can sometimes go unnoticed. So if you wanted to cut costs, your flower budget is a good place to start.

You can either choose to make your centerpieces beautiful flower arrangements. You can either use the same colors and flowers of your wedding bouquets, or different ones. If you choose to use different flowers you can either be completely different, or use ones the compliment the bouquets.

Orchids are an exotic and delicate flower. An orchid is a symbol of love, beauty and luxury which makes them a perfect flower for any wedding. Orchids are gorgeous tropical flowers that are easy to work with so they are perfect for do-it-yourself brides. You can use white orchids for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, submerged flower arrangements and many other floral arrangements.