Importance Of Journalism

Journalism is a specialized form of writing in which the author informs people about things that have happened around them, and tries to provide extra or in-depth information regarding certain topics or happenings. People who write, or practice journalism are called journalists.
There are many different types of journalism styles out there to choose from when starting a career in journalism.A good journalist must have; a keen interest in people, an inquisitive nature, ability to meet deadlines and outstanding communication skills. Basically, if you are not interested in what people have to say, their emotions and their achievements you simply can not function as a journalist.
No matter how relaxed and interactive the world of journalism becomes, there are still basic skills that need to be learnt and understood, such as how to construct a good story, how to choose and develop story ideas, the importance of editing, and the fundamentals of media law and ethics. Studying journalism will make you an informed industry player.

Journalist is one whose role is an increased one from mere providing news. Now the journalists of all societies have turned to be social workers. They do not only highlight the issues but also provide suggestions and advises on the subject matter.

In today's era, journalism is considered as one of the glamorous fields as it has gone beyond the traditional and archival style of journalism and has shown the signs of high success and opportunities for new comers.

A good journalist finds a topic that is relevant, timely and of interest to their target audience. The next step in effective journalism is to gather facts and information on the topic, from reputable sources. These facts can come from research conducted via the internet or written publications, from interviewing subject matter experts or involved parties or a combination of many different sources.

Journalists have strict rules to follow. Their use of adjectives and adverbs is limited. Although things have changed somewhat in recent years, journalists are supposed to be unbiased, unless the piece is intended for an editorial column.