Interesting Facts About The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most recognized landmarks in all of the world. It is a favorite destination in trips to China.The Great Wall of China is not a continuous wall but is a collection of short walls that often follow the crest of hills on the southern edge of the Mongolian plain. Overall, the wall extends about 4160 miles!
You just have to book your tickets from the station and come to this place. Make sure you visit all the sections of the wall carefully.The Great Wall of China is a beautiful establishment which is more than 4,000 miles long. It was built over a long period of about 300 years. The missing remains of the wall might make it 5,000 miles long and the researchers are searching for it.

Carry a small bag with extra clothing in case of severe weather and whatever you might need if your feet become blistered. You clothing might seem like a small matter amongst the enormity of visiting the Great Wall, but without the right preparation, you will find it hard to properly enjoy your trip.

It is a beautifully structured photogenic symbol with imposing watchtowers winding up and down steep hills, cliffs, plateaus and deserts from across the east coast to Xinjiang in the northwest of China.

The most commonly attended Great Wall of China tour is in Beijing where the best preserved and most interesting segments of the wall remain. These sections, separated into seven other separate sections; the Badaling, Simati, Jinshanling, Mutianyu, Gubeikou, Huanghuacheng, and Jiankous sections, showcase the work that was being done on the wall during the Ming dynasty before the Qing conquered the city.

The Great Wall of China is built with twigs, stones, earth and other materials. It is rather durable but still decaying.Climbing the Great Wall truly gives people a sense of accomplishments, after you successfully climb up to the peak, you could enjoy the magnificent and unusual view and breathtaking scenery.