Interesting Facts About Karaoke Bar in Japan

Living in Japan, one ends up in a karaoke box every now and then. Karaoke is also a great place to practice your Japanese if you are a Japanese language student or someone that is on a quest of improving his/her proficiency.
Karaoke is a portmanteau of the Japanese word "karappo" meaning empty and "okesutura" meaning orchestra. It is a form of "interactive entertainment" in which amateur singers have recordings of music or music videos (sans lead vocals) paired with a microphone and public address system. A pop song is customary for this art form, with lyrics and moving cymbals, changing colors or music video images flowing on screen to aide the vocalist.

Customers, having a few drinks, and a good time probably not gifted with the ability to sing, but that doesn't matter. They take the stage, and with microphone in hand try belting out a popular song- with friends razzing in the background.

Most of these places also served a limited menu of food, so people could eat while they sang, and they generally paid by the hour for the room rental.The bar patrons would then give their singing a go on such occasions. Although it is almost impossible to verify, this is most commonly believed to have been the beginning of karaoke.

One of the most popular places to do karaoke is in a purpose built bar. There are many of these in countries such as Japan and Korea as it has taken over many regular bars and even has whole television channels dedicated to karaoke competitions.

Karaoke has become popular in bars, restaurants, and in the home. It's a great source of entertainment for anyone who loves music and likes to sing. Karaoke is catching on from the very young to the very old. And for the shy and timid who want to be a star behind closed doors, well it's never been easier. There are also those who want to improve their singing skills. Young kids love to sing their hearts out. Friends love to get together and have some fun.

Songs can then be rated by other karaoke enthusiasts. Boasting a worldwide community, the site has partnered with Facebook to let users include their karaoke party widget to their profiles. Over the past forty years, it has moved from the Japanese box to the American stage.With shows like X Factor encouraging everyone and their dog that they can sing, expect to find a range of pop tunes for you to sing along to in your nearest bar soon.