Most Unique and Interesting Wedding Gift Ideas

Experiences can be good gifts to the newlyweds. These are ideal presents to the newlyweds because they can share a good memory, one that they will never forget, with each experience. The experience can be a massage, a hot air balloon ride, local wine tasting, state park visits, restaurant meals, archery classes, subscriptions, or water sports.
Give the gift of love by booking the two to a luxury hotel even for a night after their wedding. If the couple is going to the beach for honeymoon after theirr wedding, then giving them a pair of traveling bags will be a good idea. Have the bride and groom celebrate their new life together by planing a honeymoon for them to a different place.

A bouquet of paper flowers. You can give your spouse a bouquet of rose paper flowers. You can make them yourself if you are good in art or you can also buy them from flower stores. The best part of this gift is that paper bouquets never die unlike the real flowers.

Some people prefer the gourmet chocolate or wine and cheese combination, while others give away bath and body products for the couple to enjoy. If the couple are coffeeholics, you can choose an array of gourmet coffee blends or arrange for a set from their favorite coffee shop downtown and put them in an elegant basket.

Travel accessories can also make great groomsmen gift ideas. A passport and document holder can make things easier for them when they travel, so they can keep their important documents together while getting through the airport. A carry-on bag in a good size will ensure that they bring everything they need with them on board. Small items, like bag tags, passport envelopes and organizers can make good gifts, and evoke the travel theme of your wedding.

 Wedding photos are the most precious treasure particularly for the bride. Possibly get a photographer or turn yourself as the photographer. Shoot the photos from different angles and offer the photos in a memorabilia. It is an unforgettable gift and will offer them pleasure whenever they will look at the photos. The photos will remind them of the past days in future.