Tips For How to Seduce Your Husband

By learning the skill of how to seduce your husband, you will find yourselves making love much more often. If you can just learn how to get him in the mood, the lovemaking session will surely follow.
Book a hotel room for the weekend. When he gets home on a Friday night make sure that there is nothing which needs doing over the weekend and get in the car and go to the hotel. Have yourself a nice quiet meal and make sure that room service has a nice bottle of something on ice for when you get back. Make sure that you order strawberries, and for a change, you feed them to him nice and slow.

If you plan to make love tonight, be sure to cook a light meal for the two of you. There is nothing like being in the mood for love, only to then eat a large meal and start to feel too sleepy or full to make love. Feed him something light and nutritious and save your energy for lovemaking.

Gentle touches and soft strokes can go a long way to making your partner feel attractive and uninhibited. Seduction should include making that person feel that they are your only focus. Gazing into your partner's eyes and describing your love for him or her can be very sensual. Seduction is about both of you.

When he comes home, play your song, or perhaps the song you like to make love to, so as soon as he enters the door, he knows that it's on! You can also send him a sexy voice message with that song in the background as a sexy prelude to the hot sex you will have later in the day.

If your husband likes to have his ear nibbled, all you need to do is place a slow, gentle kiss on his ear lobe which will let his mind do the rest. This is where we women shine through, just that kiss on the ear had him thinking that you were about to nibble it which in turn got him aroused, so you're already a winner.

It's so easy to play with a man, mentally as well as physically because of the reason above. This is what seduction is all about, getting him so aroused without really doing anything sexual. Go out and buy a softly scented perfume and place a little on your neck, when you get close to him the scent will linger and he won't even know why.

Surprise him with a new set of lingerie, the likes of which he has never seen you in. This will help to get him in the mood very quickly. It doesn't have to be too revealing, but it does need to be sexy to seduce your husband.

Everybody loves a massage and a massage is almost better than chocolate cake! Treat your husband to a massage and see if he is not more appreciative and attentive over the next 24 hours. You might even get a massage out of it yourself!

Most women don't compliment men and this is a huge mistake. A man is attracted a particular woman more because of how he feels when he's around her. If you compliment your man it is a sneaky way to make him feel good when he's around you.