Tips To Leave an Abusive Relationship

Leaving an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship is a very challenging and courageous act. It can also be difficult to follow through.  It is important to be gentle with yourself and try to remain calm and resolute in following through with the decisions you believe are right for you and true to your integrity.
Abusive relationships challenge our ability to take care of ourselves and leave us feeling victimized. It is important that you work on changing your victim mentality. Many of us complain that we are victims in our relationships.

When they start threatening you, you better notify the authorities immediately. Don't think that they might just be trying to scare you. You have seen and read enough evidence to show otherwise.

Spend time with your support network as often as possible. Surround yourself with close friends, trusted family members, and support professionals like counselors or coaches. This is important to help you counteract the effects of whatever messages the abuser has put in your head.

Fear of what other people might think. There is often a social stigma that labels women as failures if they dare to leave their partners. Usually nobody outside the home realities realises what is going on which adds to that stigma. This leads to feelings of insecurity. And so they stay.

Be sure to take all of your important documents when you leave. This includes your Social Security card, driver's license, and passport. If you are taking children with you, be sure to bring their birth certificates and Social Security cards if you can.

Make a list of your own excellent qualities. Bring to mind every important compliment you've ever gotten. Recognize that you deserve a healthy relationship. Understand that you are worthy of love, respect, tenderness, and whatever else was missing from--or inconsistent in-- your former relationship.

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