Top Tips for Student Landlords

Students that live right on campus in student housing, have higher graduations rates than their fellow classmates that reside off campus or at home. A number of factors could be the cause of this trend;
one of the main factors is that there is no alcohol allowed on campus in student housing. With no alcohol permitted, partying is not as convenient as it could be living with friends off campus.

Although not true in all cases, as a general rule student rents are lower than other types of rental properties. It may therefore be worth having this in mind when you are deciding upon which type of tenant you want for your property to avoid disappointment when you find out how much rent you are able to demand.

When it comes to repairs, do not forget the landlord is responsible unless you are the person who caused the damage. If you are going to be sharing a house you need to be able to trust the people, as it is possible for the landlord to charge individuals for debts left by other tenants.

You also need to make sure that you know the timescale for legal repairs as you could complain and then find you are in the wrong. If you do have a problem then it is best to keep as calm as possible.

Cupboards will need to be shared out and you are bound to have a shelf in the fridge but no way of being sure that what you buy, you will get to eat.

Be realistic and choose somewhere you can afford and fit in. If you see rooms in a very quiet area and there are a number of you looking, you may find that you will soon have problems with the neighbors if you want to have late night fun. Also you need to take into account public transport or you could end up a little isolated or paying a fortune in taxis.