Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor Naturally

Body odor is something almost everyone has to deal with, and for some this poses a greater problem than for others. This is because some eat more meat, while others eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
Get some exercise, especially an activity that will produce a healthy sweat. When you sweat, you detoxify. Make sure to shower right after your workout to wash off all of the toxins you just got rid of. Eat healthy, yes lots of fruits and veggies.

Body odor is most often caused by a combination of perspiration and bacteria working together. Scrubbing your underarms with deodorant soap or an antibacterial surgical scrub will wash both culprits away.

Use anti-bacterial soaps in problem areas. Bacteria will cause sweat to stink more. Getting rid of bacteria in areas of the body that tend to sweat more can keep the odor more under control. This is something that you should be doing at least everyday for best results.

If you get a lemon and cut it in half and rub it on your armpits or any place that is smelly, it can significantly reduce your body odor. Lemon is a very safe natural product and will kill the smell of odor instantly. It is not harmful to the skin and helps you from sweating too much.

Chlorophyllin has been used as a deodorant for a long time. It works internally by binding to compounds that cause odor and neutralizing them before they are emitted from the body. It also has the added benefit of working to reduce breath odor and foot odor as well.

Certain foods and beverages also contribute to body odor. Foods with strong smells such as garlic and onion and beverages such as coffee and other caffeinated drinks can cause you to have this condition. Consume these products in moderation if you cannot completely avoid it.