Ways to Remove and Prevent Split Ends

Splits ends are mainly caused due to over brushing, excessive use of hot styling tools, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, use of cheap styling tools, coloring, perming, towel drying, brushing wet hair, elastic bands and finally lack of hair care and maintenance.
Split ends occur for many reasons typically having to do with what you're doing to your hair.For example, you relax, color, or perm your hair. This can lead to dryness that can result in split ends.

When the cuticle becomes damaged, the overlapping cells will curl and your hair will look dull. Not only that, the softer cortex beneath these cells gets exposed, and that is when you get split ends or even some breakage.

Do not stress out! When you are losing your mane you get worried. And this causes stress, which causes more hair fall. The solution to stop hair falling out is to not think or stress about it. Do some meditation or yoga to calm the mind.

Get regular trims, many suggest monthly trims to maintain the hair structure.

Poor quality brushes and combs can also cause this problem.

Alcohol is for drinking. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry out your hair causing it to become brittle and much more likely to split.

 The heat appliances like blow-dryers, electric irons and curlers damage the hair. Instead of blow-drying the hair, you can pat dry with a towel. Replace electric curlers with unheated plastic rollers that were used in a bygone era. Straighten the hair by wrapping the slightly damp hair around the cold rollers and leave them on for about ten minutes. To curl the hair or give them a wavy appearance, use sponge rollers overnight or sleep with the moist braids.

Split ends is a common problem that isn't going to go away but as mentioned above there are real ways you can prevent it and minimize damage. Choose a manageable style, protect your hair when you can and be as gentle as possible when drying and styling. This should go a long way to solving the problem.