What Are Autobahns | Autobahns Speed Limit

The Autobahn is the network of highways that interconnect Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is the third largest highway infrastructure in the world, behind the United States, and China, respectively.
There are petrol cars on the autobahn, mostly used for security and emergency.Well-lit frameworks, arching the highway, may contain speed cameras that simultaneously image the driver and license plate. Drivers receive the photo, marked with the speed and the fine.

Above all when driving on the autobahn you must not back up or make a u-turn, stop or park unless on an authorized park place, run out of gas, drive in the left lane to block other vehicles, tailgate or flash your headlights (though people do it anyway), or get out of your vehicle during a traffic jam.

Not all areas of the autobahn have no speed limit. In areas where there are curves or residential areas, you will sometimes see speed limits posted. In the areas where there are no speed limits, they do post "advisory limits" which are usually up to 130km/h. Should you go over this limit and are involved in an accident you may be responsible for any damage even if you are not at fault.

Go to slow in the high speed lane and some speed racer type whose job it is to apparently police the highways for proper speed etiquette tailgates you and flashes his high beams incessantly.

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