Best Ways To Prevent Common Cold

A lot of people take vitamin D supplements during cold season in order to keep sickness at bay. Even though scientists have not been able to prove that the supplements have the capacity of preventing common cold, otherwise known as upper respiratory tract infection, some research findings have indicated that having a higher level of the vitamin may reduce the risk of catching cold.
Common cold is said to be the most common contagious disease in humans. The average adult gets the common cold infection two to four times a year whereas average child can be sick six to twelve times a year. Thus it comes as no surprise that common colds are the most general reason that children miss school and parents miss work.

The common cold is "a contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory tract characterized by inflammation (swelling and irritation with presence of extra immune cells) of the mucous membranes, sneezing, and sore throat. It is our only effective weapon against the alien attack of War of the Worlds, where all our military strength and nuclear weapons proved useless.

Components of this herb inactivated every cold and flu virus they were exposed to in laboratory tests and have been used and demonstrated to be safe and effective in animal experiments. There are hundreds of accounts by health providers in the U.S. of using oleuropein to treat patients with great success.

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. These foods contain immune boosting vitamins that will fight any nasty bacteria from invading our bodies. You should also avoid eating junk foods because it can sometimes slow down your immune system.

Drink at least 8 large glasses of water per day. One way to remind yourself is to have a 1½ or 2 litre bottle of still mineral water always with you, and finish the bottle before the end of the day. It's useful to decant some into a small water bottle to carry around with you.

A balanced and healthy diet provides a lot of positives. One that's sometimes forgotten is that it could boost your disease fighting capability. A diet high in nutritional supplements and natural foods provides you with far more energy as well as allow you to ward off a particular flu, cold, as well as other attacks.

Always wash your hands before you eat. There are literally millions of germs around us and we can never be sure what kind of germs are hidden when we touch things. To kill most of these germs, we should always wash our hands after we go the toilet and before we eat. Always use soap or any type of cleaning lotion to help kill of the bacteria.