Health Benefits of Beetroots

It lowers blood pressure. Its iron content regenerates red blood cells; it breaks down calcium deposits in arteries and it is one of the best detoxifiers around because of its choline content, aiding in liver function and improving digestion.
Beetroots can help the body to fight cancer. Betacyanin, the pigment that gives red beetroots their very deep crimson color, has proven to be a powerful and natural cancer fighting agent. This pigment makes beets both unique and valuable, because it is naturally found in only a small number of plant families. Beetroots are also very high in fiber. This betacyanin and fiber combination makes beetroots terrific at fighting colon cancer.

Beet root increases the cellular take-up of oxygen which prevents cancer and boosts the immune system. Beetroots and their green tops are mineral rich and help to keep the gall bladder, kidneys and liver healthy. The manganese contained in the green tops helps bodily growth, maintains a healthy nervous system and strong bones and is also especially important to the metabolism and reproductive system.

Beetroot juice is also thought to be cardio-vascular protective and can help to lower high blood pressure. A study undertaken by researchers at the University of Exeter, UK has shown that beetroot juice can help athletes as they need less oxygen to perform and this means there is less stress on the heart during exercise.

The beetroot nutritional benefits range from aiding anemia by building red blood cells to aiding digestion and helping the gall bladder and liver function. When beet juice is mixed with carrot juice, this combination provides the body with enough minerals to encourage the healing process.

It is a very good source of folic acid, essential for the proper growth of new cells. Women who are planning to conceive and expectant mothers are recommended by gynecologists to take folic acid supplements for protection against spinal cord birth defects such as spina bifida.

Beetroot can be preserved in a variety of ways for later use such as canned, pickled, frozen or stored in a cool dry environment. Alternatively you can keep them stored in a refrigerator for a couple of months by removing all but a couple of inches off the tops and placing them in an unsealed bag.

It is also believed to regenerate the cells of the immune system, build and purify the blood and improve the circulation