Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves contain a variety of flavonoids (antioxidants). The main two are kaempferol and rhamnetin. Another primary nutrient component is Eugenol which functions as a strong anti-inflammatory. Ground cloves are classified as a nutrient dense food source, putting it in the antioxidant rich super food category.
Eugenol is an anesthetic benefit of clove, and is used for toothache, sore throat and gum pain. This active ingredient is used in some mouth washes, and sore throat treatments because of its germicidal and antiseptic benefits. Eugenol is specifically known to help improve dental health, and is used in toothpastes and dental antiseptics.

Cloves promote the flow of enzymes in the stomach which can help speed digestion, increase metabolism and ease flatulence. Cloves have also been traditionally used to stop vomiting. Cloves are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic. This makes them ideal as a daily immune boosting supplement.

Because of its medicinal properties, Clove essential oil has the ability to treat a variety of health conditions. Clove can be used to help purify the blood, to control blood sugar levels, and to increase blood circulation. Clove also has antiviral properties making it an effective use on skin conditions such as acne.

Cloves have Eugenio oil in them which is what makes it a natural anesthetic.  Many cultures have used this in dental procedures in the past.  Using this is still popular for toothaches.  You can use the oil from cloves internally or topically.  The oil has compounds in it that help with blood circulation, and it can stimulate the skin when it is applied directly to it.

Clove has a high nutrient content and therefore many health benefits. It contains calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, sodium and potassium. Clove oil is frequently used for dental care as a gargle or to relieve pain and mouth sores. Clove oil also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties therefore it can be used for cuts, bruises, acne, fungal infections and insect bites.

It is used as the main ingredients in tiger balm, which is used on sore muscles. It is also used in many dental issues for sore gums, tooth pain, fighting bad breath (albeit with clove breath). Other benefits include clearing up earaches, digestion issues, stomach and headaches and nasal congestion. Lastly it's an aphrodisiac and therefore a stress reliever.

It also help reduce pain such as toothache and inflammation. It can also serve as a digestion aid.

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