Home Remedies for Bruises | Top Ways to Get Rid of Bruises

Bruises are the skin injury which occurs on your soft skin tissue. It occurs when tiny blood vessels are harmed due to a bump. Medically bruises are known as contusion. In this condition blood vessels are damaged and leave behind a black or blue mark.
Bruises can often cause pain and discomfort. Moreover the bruises can be the dangerous form of hematoma. Internal hemorrhage and fractures is commonly associated with bruises. Small bruises can be easily recognized. People who encounter any kind of bruises injury the effected area become blue in the earlier days.

A deficiency of vitamin K can prevent normal blood clotting, and you need some clotting action to help prevent bruising. Those people that bruise excessively should eat more vegetables rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K can be found in leafy greens and members of the cabbage family, such as broccoli, cabbage, and spinach. You may consider a supplement of K as well.

Parsley is another great home remedy food that is often left uneaten on the side of the plate.Parsley is also good as a topical remedy for bruises. Next time you have a bruise, crush up some parsley leaves and apply straight to the affected area.
Witch hazel has a very soothing, cooling effect on bruised skin. However, it is highly astringent and therefore may not be suitable for anyone with very sensitive skin.

Ice can help blood vessels contract, thus stopping the bleeding. It can also ease some of the pain. Ice and/or ice packs should not be left on the skin more than twenty minutes at a time.

Arnica herb can help cure muscle soreness and bruises. Bruises do not heal fast. It might take more than a week to completely fade the bruises away. But you can speed up the healing process of the bruises and sore muscles using this herb. This herb increase circulation to lessen stagnant blood.