Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps | Ideas for Menstrual Cramp Relief

Finding natural remedies for menstrual cramps is an issues for most women at some time in their lives. This is because nearly all women at one point or another experience menstrual cramps to accompany their period.
The menstrual cycle is calculated as the number of days from day 1 of the period to the day 1 of the next period. Most of the women have a 28 days cycle, while a menstrual cycle of 21 to 35 days is also considered normal.

The herb, Chinese Angelica Root, popularly known as Dong Quai has been extensively used in treating various menstrual disorders. This herb relaxes the uterine muscles and reduces menstrual cramps.

Heat treatments can be a very effective home remedy for menstrual cramping related to both muscle spasms and blood clots. Heat soothes cramping muscles and helps large clots break up into smaller pieces that are easier to pass.
Healthy diet rich in vitamin, calcium, minerals should be taken regularly. Any kind of iron rich foods are very useful during this time. Calcium is noted to prevent any kind of menstrual cramps and keeps the muscle strong from back pain.

Menstrual cramps can also be reduced by the use of peppermint or wintergreen especially when it is taken with tea. Make a habit of drinking this tea at least one or two cups a day. You can also suck on mint candy to reduce the cramps.
One may add 15-20 coriander seeds in a glass of boiling water, allow the mixture to stand until evaporation is over, sweeten the mixture and drink it. This remedy is really effective in treating menstrual pain

Calcium, potassium and magnesium are three of the most important vitamins and minerals for menstrual cramp relief and three of the easiest to get into your daily diet.

In a cup of hot water, add half teaspoon of powdered sesame seeds and drink it twice daily. This treatment provides relief from spasmodic pains during menstruation.