How to Interpret Your Dreams

Dreaming is an amazing fact of human existence. If you wish to really understand the meaning of your dreams and benefit from the information and the daily psychotherapy by the unconscious through dreams, you must learn how to translate dream symbols into words so your conscious mind can understand them. You do not need to be psychic to understand dreams, nor do you need a dream dictionary. You just need practical and useable steps that you can immediately incorporate into your life.
Dreams are thought to be part of the world of the unconscious mind. When dreaming, the unconscious mind has access to all of your fears, desires, and inhibitions, and randomly weaves dreams that show you pictures, sounds, feelings and scents. It is believed that dreams give us important information about ourselves and those close to us.

The best way to begin a dream interpretation is to record all of the images you experienced while you were sleeping. It is a great idea to keep a voice recorder close by while you sleep so when you awake, you can record all of your thoughts and feelings.

While you interpret the meaning of your dreams, you acquire more consciousness, finding support in the wise unconscious guidance. The unknown parts of your psyche, which belong to your wild side, become known and controlled by your human conscience. All your misconceptions and fears are eliminated.

Some divine dreams may not be intended for detailed interpretation. Similar to music without lyrics, even if there is no clear message, a dream from God will most likely leave you with a strong feeling or impression. The unconscious mind is only wise and saintly, while the anti-conscience is a wild animal, totally immoral and violent. It is our primitive conscience, which didn't evolve like our human side.

Dreams tell you about your self-image, when and where you feel in control of your life, when and where you don't. They tell you about situations where you feel that you have been "good," and where you feel that you have been "bad." Each of these facets of your self-image is represented in your dreams.

Dreams are symbols and once you understand the symbols you'll come to understand what's going on in the deepest part of your mind' you will come to understand what's really worrying you or what you secretly fear. We dream in symbols, if you can grasp the meanings of the more universal symbols then your dreams won't worry or concern you as much but will help you to understand yourself better than many years of 'analysis.