Benefits of Airbrush Tanning

Whether you are doing it yourself or attending a professional tanning salon, airbrush tanning is the best way to acquire a beautiful sunless tan.The concept behind all sunless tanning products including airbrush tanning is to create a golden bronze
finish that looks natural and healthy. The chemical used in these products is di-hydroxy-acetone (DHA), which is highly effective and safe. It is made from a derivative from sugar beets or sugar cane.

One of the newer forms of "spray tanning" is known as airbrush. Airbrush tanning is similar to spray method, but rather than having a shower-like machine spray you from head to toe, a human being sits around your body and airbrushes a layer of color all over your skin.

Most reputable tanning salons will offer potential clients a walk-through of the facilities along with complete instructions on how to use the equipment. Having a good knowledge of the airbrush method will help you to understand how spray tanning works and how you can get the absolute best results.

Airbrush tanning is a great way to get a natural, beautiful looking tan in the comfort of your favorite salon, spa or even your own home. Airbrush tanning comes from the industry of automotive and customization where airbrush equipment is used for a beautiful soft look. The colorant is specially designed with amino acids to not only be safe, but good, for your skin.

The top of the line airbrush tanning products give you a natural, tanned appearance. You don't end up with the tacky, orange glow that is so common when people use the lower end lotions and sprays. Airbrush tanning interacts with your skin to produce a real tan, but you never have to set foot in the sun or spend time on a tanning bed.

Airbrush tanning equipment offers the most advantages, and ease of use. A typical system includes an airbrush gun, an air compressor, and tanning solution. Once you select a system for purchase, you can then apply your own tan at your convenience in the comfort of your home. A major advantage is that you will be able to re-apply and touch up your tan as often as necessary.

If you are doing your sunless tan at home remember after applying the product to give it at least five minutes, perhaps longer, for it to dry properly. Otherwise you will stain your clothing and you could have.