Caring For Your Skin With Green Tea Oil

As an essential oil, this form of tea leaf is most commonly used as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in one's body. It is also used as an astringent that constricts and shrinks body tissue. The oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and anti-aging properties which keep the skin elastic and firm by inhibiting the breakdown of collagen.
Green tea oil has many uses, one of them being a skin care product that offers some amazing benefits, particularly to tired, slack skin. You are always best to use natural products on your skin, because many of the manufactured chemical ingredients in modern commercial skin care preparation can do more harm than good.

This remedy can remove the dirt; thus, cleaning the pores to prevent clogging. Tea tree oil is also an antibacterial with its germicidal properties. Unlike soap, it does not dry the skin upon application. Drying the skin can be one of the worst mistakes you can do to your skin. Hence, it should be noted to avoid washing the face too often. This can lead to stripping the skin with its natural oil barrier.

When it comes to healthy skin, green tea is one of the most talked about health supplements. Having a cup of healthful green tea is a great way to start your day. Green tea contains anti-oxidants which help in keeping your skin healthy over a period of time. Apart from this, green tea also regularizes your metabolism and helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

The essential oils of the tree have special benefits and potentials that separate it from other known natural remedies. One of its wonderful characteristic is it acts as an antiseptic to cure skin diseases. In fact, it is effective against fungal infections, viruses and bacteria in the skin that can start serious infection.

A natural antibiotic against viruses and bacterias, eliminates the microorganisms that cause acne, this oil also acts as daily control gel, cleansing deep into your skin pore to interrupt the breakout, leaving your skin fresh and clean.

The great thing about green tea is that it has virtually no side effects, which cannot be said for the large majority of drugs that are on the market. Strangely enough, green tea is also effective at getting rid of acne when rubbed against the skin. When compared to the harsher benzoyl peroxide treatment, green tea was actually more effective at reducing acne.