Effective Vitamins For Fighting Flu

Vitamin D3 may be the most important vitamin for fighting the swine flu. According to researchers vitamin D3 may help prevent cytokine storm (hypercytokinemia). It also plays an important role for aiding the immune system to fight microorganisms
such as the swine flu. Some experts believed that the reason why people are more vulnerable to the flu during winter is because of the lack of sunlight. The shorter winter days equal to less sunlight which prevents the skin from producing sufficient levels of vitamin D3.

Our bodies can produce huge amounts of Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight but the current recommendations on sunlight are to limit your exposure and cover up with sunscreen. So unless you are constantly exposing yourself to the sun, eating enormous quantities of herring and salmon, or drinking a lot of milk daily, then you might be deficient in Vitamin D and a higher risk to catching influenza viruses.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that can be considered as a hormone. It is also the only vitamin that does not to be consumed from supplements or foods because its inactive form is already present it the body. It only requires the exposure to sunlight to activate the cholesterol in the body to form into vitamin D3.

The amount of Vitamin D made by your body can depend on the level of cloud cover, sunscreen use, time of day and season. It has been suggested that for the average person, without an existing Vitamin D deficiency, 30 minutes, 2-3 times per week of sun exposure between 10am and 3pm leads to adequate vitamin D synthesis.