Homemade Beauty Masks

Homemade beauty masks are often much better for your skin than store bought products. This is because they do not contain the preservatives that the store bought ones need in order to have a long shelf life.

Beer and Olive Oil Mask

This mixture is great for those who have oily skin and also for those who have blemishes on the skin. It has lightening properties that will help make your skin clean and clear. In a bowl, mix together olive oil, honey, lemon juice and a few drops of beer. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. This mask is great to use before heading the shower. You will definitely see great results afterwards.

Honey and Mustard

Mash one teaspoon of blue clay with 1 teaspoon of butter, add 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of liquid honey, lemon juice and mustard powder. Mix it all, rub it into the hair roots, and determine the residues along the length of your hair. Put a plastic bag on your head; cover it with wool shawl or towel. In an hour wash your head. This mask is able to breathe a life into the weakest hair.

Peel-Off Masks

Peel-off masks can be used by people with oily, normal, and dry skins, depending on the mask's individual ingredient list; its bottle should mention what types of skin the product works best for. These masks can severely irritate sensitive or thin skin, and skin being treated with alpha hydroxy acids or trentinoin products.

Oily Skin Mask

  • 1 Tbsp Basic Mask
  • 1 Tbsp Brewer's Yeast
  • 1 Tbsp Distilled Water
  • Combine theses and Use 1 drop
  • 1 Drop Lavender Oil
  • 1 Drop Rosemary Oil
Mix all these together to make a smooth paste, apply to your face and leave on the skin for 15 minutes. Rinse away with spring or distilled water.