How to Get Through the First Year of Marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful institutions established because it solidifies a true commitment to love, family, and collective work. Truthfully, marriage is tough and requires lots of support and a collective effort to love, compromise, and forgive. Anything that suggests differently is probably a fantasy.
Before you decide to marry your partner, make sure that you are already aware about the roles and responsibilities that you will have to take in your marriage. The problem with most newlyweds is that they are not aware about their responsibilities in marriage, which would unfortunately lead to conflicts between them. To resolve this, it is best that you sit down with your partner and seriously talk about the roles and responsibilities that you expect from each other.

When you are used to doing what you want when you want, being bonded for life to your spouse, can feel like being imprisoned. Many people find telling their spouse where they are going and how long they will be gone, irritating. When you think about it, it is just common courtesy to tell your spouse what you are doing if you are going to spend a few hours not at work away from them.

Learning how to get a man to marry you within the first year will spare you years of working hard to prove to him that you are the one. Other men simply don't value marriage the way that women do. Even if this is true in your case, learning how to get a man to marry you within the first year is possible.

The most important thing to remember about your marriage is to communicate. That means talk about things when they are bothering you. If you hold in feelings of anger or resentment, those will just magnify over time and you may get to the point where it is too late to talk it out. If you talk about what is bothering you when it happens, you can resolve the conflict right away.

Money can be the center of many of your arguments in marriage if you are both not of the same frame of mind when it comes to how much to spend and on what. You've heard the old sayings"money makes the world go 'round" while on the opposite side you have "money is the root of all evil".If you are both in agreement then you can be proud of each other for having the willpower to save money or enjoy spending time together going out for a night on the town.

Unfortunately, finding real love may be difficult for you because many of the experiences you have encountered over the years have left you battered and broken. You either don't know how to trust your heart or you feel betrayed by it. But this doesn't mean that you should close your heart as if it were your enemy.

All of this makes it that much more important to learn to communicate properly with each other. Learning key factors about your communication will assist you in your adjustment period to help you gain a strong foundation in your marriage.The first year of marriage is a time for goal setting and you should begin by setting up some short term goals that ensures a successful future.