Top Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Expressing your happiness and your feelings to a newly engaged couple is very important! Words of happiness, love and congratulations for a wedding engagement are best when these words come from the heart. In some cases, people prefer to write a message about the newly engaged couple, however, this can be difficult especially if you are not good with words.
First off, you should celebrate the fact that you're newly engaged enlist the help of some friends to throw an engagement party with your loved ones to announce the good news. This fete doesn't have to be extravagant and expensive. A small house party can create the same intimate scene. You'll also receive the good wishes of your loved ones, and perhaps acquire a few willing volunteers to help you through the challenges of planning a wedding.

Newly-engaged couples must talk about how each envisions his and her special day. Women work on the assumption that guys don't care about the details but that's not always true. It is, after all, the man's big day, too and he has a family to please as well.

Be prepared physically and beautify yourself. You will be the important subject of these photos and of course you would only want the best you to be captured so make the necessary preparations. Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and have enough sleep even amidst the wedding preparations. Exercise and think of positive thoughts that will make you glow all the more.

If all newly wedded couples follow this advice they will find that they love their bedroom furniture and the versatility of changing sheets and comforter sets as they like new colors or choose to paint the walls. Make life easy and think ahead before you buy furniture and your marriage will be smooth sailing!

If you've been invited to an engagement party or know a couple who was recently engaged, it's nice to bring or send a gift of congratulations and good cheer. You might want to investigate and find out if they are registered at any of their favorite stores.

Part of most wedding preparations is planning for the most awaited honeymoon. This is the part when the newly-wed couple will celebrate their union in intimacy.

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