How To Prevent And Control Hair Fall | Easy Hair Fall Control Tips During Monsoon

The commonly grown herb Aloe Vera helps in maintaining the pH balance of the scalp and acts as a good conditioner. It is also very effective in preventing Alopecia.
You should use special care if you have longer hair. Longer hair requires more brushing and often needs detangling. Never take on too much hair at once or you may unnecessarily tug on the hair. Work out tangles from the end up, with short strokes.

Alkaline based hair shampoos can damage hair and even kill it. If you purchase shampoos designed to give your hair more volume and bounce, be especially careful. Check the information on the packaging and use only shampoos with a pH factor in the 4.5 to 7 range to be safe.

Massage your scalp with almond oil, snake oil or warm coconut oil at least once a week. Also make sure that you let that oil stay for at least 4 to 5 hours.

Green tea is very well known as the miracle health drink of the century. Green tea contains high levels of natural DHT inhibiting substances and antioxidants that can help to prevent further loss of hair and promote good hair regrowth.

A nutritious diet, which contains all essential vitamins and minerals, helps in minimizing the hair loss. Therefore, you must include green, leafy vegetables, raw oats, and whole grain cereals, eggs, dates, and raisins in your daily food regime.

Boil fenugreek seeds in coconut oil or olive oil. Cool and strain. Store in a bottle and use as massage oil every time before head bath.

Magnesium is very necessary and will allow your hair to grow much faster than it is right now. Vitamin B, biotin, saw palmetto, and even green tea are proven hair loss fighters.