Super Easy And Fun Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a great time to get crafty. You have the cold weather which stops you from wanting to leave the house, especially when it involves several layers and thick boots. You have the need for Christmas decorations and the need for finding great personal gifts for your nearest and dearest. 
You can create your own Christmas doorknob hanger to place on any door in the house. Just by using your imagination you can make great holiday decorations for your home, plus it's fun for the whole family to create wonderful Christmas crafts that will last a lifetime.

Making a Christmas calendar as kids Christmas craft is really one great way of starting your own family Christmas tradition at home - the parents and children mark the days together before Christmas day comes.You get a lot of bonding moments with your children by this Christmas calendar because even before the month of December comes you can already spend time with your kids making this cheap and easy kids Christmas craft ahead of time.

Felt is a basic necessity in several different kinds of crafts. It can be used in everything from ornaments to making stockings. Another great thing about felt is it is very inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors! There is not a shortage of Christmas craft fun that can be achieved through the use of felt. It is perfect for making crafts with kids too, as they can cut the fabric with the utmost ease.

Another fun and simple Christmas craft is to use finger paint to make handprints in the shape of a Christmas tree. For a more lasting version of the handprint, you could make handprints with fabric paint on squares of plain fabric.

A single handprint makes a cute throw pillow - and you can even use a premade pillow sham if you are not the sewing type. You can gather the handprints over the course of a couple of years to make a cute handprint quilt. Handprints and footprints on a t-shirt or sweatshirt make a perfect gift for daddy or grandparents.

Use Christmas ribbon patterns, red, green, gold, etc. Glue the ribbons in a pattern around the ornament. You can make horizontal stripes or crossing vertical ones. Alternate colors and patterns. Tie extra ribbons around the top, either in a bow or curl them.

More fun snowmen can be made by a group of kids. Have styrofoam balls of different sizes handy. Two or three can be stacked together. Poke holes in the balls where they meet, and fill each hole with tacky glue and add a craft stick or toothpick to hold them together, and let dry.

While the glue is drying, kids can be cutting face parts from felt or craft foam and creating scarves, hats, mittens and brooms to finish their snowmen. You could even use small twigs to create arms to hang the mittens on. And don't forget to add holly, jingle bells, and lots of glitter for a Christmas look.

Christmas balls are incredibly easy to make and the creative possibilities are endless. All you need to do is pick up some Styrofoam or plastic balls and have your kids paint them or use glue-and-glitter pens on them. You can also use other shapes, such as stars or bells. You can also top the tree with a pinecone angel that your child has painted.

Candles that include various holiday shapes such as snowmen, and Christmas trees.