Hormone Replacement Therapy in Men

Hormone replacement therapy for men is still a relatively new treatment. However, more and more conventional doctors now acknowledge that many men go through a stage in life which is similar, in many ways, to the female menopause. Not only does it occur at a similar age to the female menopause, but many of the symptoms are surprisingly similar too.
With men the decline in testosterone levels occurs over along period of time and the symptoms of decline of less dramatic. This gradual decline in testosterone in males is called andropause. If not treated andropause often results in decreased sexual sexual function and loss of muscle mass along with an increase in body fat, depression, lethargy and irritability. Hormone therapy for men addresses these negatives directly.

Erectile dysfunction or reduced sex drives are common symptoms of male menopause. Chances of that happening will be drastically reduced.

Hormone replacement therapy for men or testosterone replacement therapy can provide benefits to men of all ages. It is used for men who have low testosterone to maintain normal testosterone levels. It has been shown remarkable results in overall improvement of functionality and well-being.

As a therapy for andropause, a man can do the following: lose weight or regularly keep your weight down. Overweight men produce lower amounts of testosterone. That is due to the fact that the body, as it accumulates fat, makes less testosterone -while converting some of that testosterone into estrogen.

Hormone treatments have made it possible for many men to do just that. Believe it or not, many men enjoy the same level of strength and health that they had as teens, even as they round the corner into their 70's and 80's. Getting hormone treatments requires relatively simple tests and procedures to accomplish some pretty amazing goals for aging men.

Though there are a considerable amount of possible benefits of male androgen replacement  and statistics regarding the irrefutable impacts of such substitution have built up, but so far there have not been any large scale trials of this therapy.

If male hormone replacement therapy sounds like it could benefit you, you can search online for a male hormone replacement therapy program. An andropause treatment specialist will be able to answer your questions and help you identify a physician near you. Lab testing will be arranged near where you live. Once those results are available an appointment will be made with a male hormone treatment doctor.