Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Hormone treatment for prostate cancer can also be successful when the cancer ahs spread to other parts of the body, including the bones, lymph nodes, liver or lungs. When the disease has spread throughout the body, it's no longer possible to remove the cancer with surgery, or even radiation. It's too difficult to locate all the cancer cells in the body.
There are several types of treatment that is often recommended for prostate cancer and there are pros and cons to each one. Hormone treatments do work relatively well for many men. In fact, hormone treatment for prostate cancer is one way that some doctors choose to treat prostate cancer.

The most extreme approach to hormone treatment for prostate cancer is the removal of one's testicles or what is called castration. This is usually done and may be effective for those in the advanced stages of prostate cancer.The hormone treatment blocks the production of testosterone or in some cases doesn't stop the production but disallows the body from being able to use the hormone. Either way the effects are similar and the goal is to slow or stop the growth of the prostate tumour.

Brachytherapy is usually suggested for younger patients whose cancer is localized and this therapy uses low or high dose of radiation to the prostate gland.

Chemotherapy is the most attacking and harsh method of treatment, but it's the method with the highest percentage of success in advanced cancers.
On the other hand, these types of treatments like surgery, cryoablation and radiation can have side effects, such as impotence and incontinence. Moreover, other side effects are loss of the sex drive, weight gain and also by performing hormonal therapy, the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream is reduced and thereby deprives a prostate tumor of a necessary stimulus, used to extend life and delay the disease to progress.

Although prostate cancer usually affects people over 40 and spreads slowly as compared to certain other cancers, it is vital to get screening tests done regularly to catch the disease in the initial stage itself. There are various treatments for prostate cancer including surgery that could enable the patient to get rid of prostate cancer and live a long and healthy life.