SEO Essential Checklist For Your E-Commerce Site

  1. Choose keywords: That aren’t relevant, and your conversion rates will suffer. Choose keywords that are too competitive, and you won’t get any search traffic.
  2. You Must Have a blog will be a core strategy for attracting search traffic on your ecommerce sites.
  3. Find domains in your niche that have shut down, and see which sites are currently still linking to them. Send an email to these sites to let them know about the broken links, and suggest a link to your site as an alternative.
  4. On e-commerce sites, the most useful type of supplementary content you can include are product reviews and ratings.
  5. Ecommerce site must be mobile-friendly, and using a responsive design is the best way to achieve.
  6. Local ecommerce sites should pay close attention to maintaining consistent name, address and phone number (NAP) formats.
  7. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and eCommerce sites having duplicate content, especially on product pages, make sure to add unique commentary on each page, even when using standard descriptions as a base.
  8. Product categories is imperative, and click-able subcategories is also important.
  9. Page speed is a rising ranking factor, so it’s important your site loads quickly on all devices.
  10. High number of social shares may be more enticing to prospective buyers.
  11. High-Resolution Photos on your product pages. Optimizing your e-commerce site for the search engines isn’t difficult, but does differ somewhat from other types of SEO.