Best Ways To Cure Bad Breath | How Do you Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally?

Bad breath or halitosis can have negative impacts on your personal and social interactions with people. Before it gets worse, you need to practice the best way to cure bad breath - mouth hygiene. There are a lot of things that come together in mouth hygiene, but they're all geared towards giving you a fresh, good-smelling breath that would draw people in.

Lemon Juice

Another cure for bad breath is by drinking lemon juice. This will help rinse the odor-causing bacteria from your mouth. Squeeze a full size lemon into three ounces of warm water, and use this mixture as a gargle twice per day.

Tea Tree Oil

The antibacterial properties of this natural oil helps in eliminating bacteria that causes halitosis.You may add a drop of this oil into your toothpaste before brushing. You can also mix 3 drops of tea tree oil into a cup of water and use the solution as mouth wash, 2-3 times per day after each meal.Put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toothbrush alone or top it with toothpaste, and then brush your teeth. You can use it as a mouthwash to help keep your gums healthy. Tea tree oil can also cure gum disease, which is possibly the cause of your bad breath. You can even soak your dental floss in tea tree oil.

Sunflower Seeds

Chewing cardamom seeds, sunflower seeds, mint leaves and parsley are known to deodorize.After having your meals try chewing a few sunflower seeds followed by drinking one glass of water.

Fennel, Cinnamon, Cloves

Chew and entire clove or keep it in your mouth if you find it too spicy. It's good for bad breath. Chewing on natural mouth fresheners like clover, cardamom and mint can have long lasting effects against bad breath.Simply pack a few leaves with you and munch on them to help freshen up your breath on the spot. Just remember to discreetly spit them out once you are done chewing them. They are also better than mints, since they contain no strange chemicals and are definitely much cheaper than their artificial counterparts.

Drink Water Regularly

Water is essential to all life but by drinking plenty of water you are constantly cleaning your mouth.Another method of natural mouth cleansing is eating apples. The texture of the apple and chemicals in the fruit will clean your teeth. In fact most fruits will have the same effect.

Brush Your Teeth

It sounds like an obvious statement but you need to brush your teeth regularly and with a good toothbrush. A good electric toothbrush will certainly help your problem and will allow you to give your tongue a good clean.

Apple Cider Vinegar As Mouth Cleanser

Apple cider vinegar is also a considered to aid in a person's digestion and can be a cure for bad breath brought about by stomach problems.

Baking Soda With Regular Tooth Paste

You have to brush your teeth more times than the average person, rinse your mouth with water and baking soda or mouth wash after every meal. Floss your teeth to get rid of food that's stuck in between your teeth. These everyday habits are part of the natural ways to cure bad breath.

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