Effective Home Remedies For Treating Sun Poisoning | Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning

Sun burns are caused by over exposure to sun resulting in burned skin, chills, nausea, blistering etc. But if you know ways to overcome the harm done, you need not stop the fun.
A paste made out of barley powder, milk, olive oil and honey may be applied on burnt skin. This is an effective home remedy for sunburns on face.

If you are already affected by sun burn then apply Aloe Vera cream to the affected areas. Aloe cream acts as a soothing agent for the skin and reduces the effect of sun burn.

Mustard oil may be rubbed on the burnt areas and may be left to dry up. This will take away the heat from the sun burnt areas.

Aloe Vera is commonly used to treat sunburn. As well as providing soothing relief, it may also assist in the healing process. Apply to the affected areas as needed. Although the gel extracted directly from an aloe Vera plant works best, if you don't have ready access to one, you may use an 'over the counter' Aloe Vera Cream that contains the gel. For this to be effective, just ensure that the cream contains a high concentration of Aloe Vera than it does water or other solutions.

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are two household products that can be used to quickly cool the pain of a sunburn. By dabbing rubbing alcohol on a painful sunburn you can easily decrease the discomfort of the affected areas. However, rubbing alcohol dries very quickly and can dehydrate the skin.
Take 20 drops of calendula oil and mix it with 4 oz. of water. Apply this solution with the help of cotton balls on the affected area. It is also very effective herbal remedy.

Potatoes are an old world remedy for bringing relief to burned skin. Take a couple of potatoes, blend them up into a liquid form and apply to the burned skin. Wait until they dry and then wash them off with a cool shower.

Lavender oil and yogurt also help in treating the sunburn. It is simple and easy home remedies for sunburn available all the time at your home.

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