Top Methods To Cure Swimmers Ear

The role of a swimmer's ear home remedy is to remove moisture from the ear. It is called swimmer's ear, because it is sometimes a result of getting moisture trapped in it from swimming, bathing, or showering. So all the solutions are about moisture removal, in a safe environment.

Rubbing White Vinegar And Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is usually used by itself or mixed with equal parts of vinegar.A small teaspoonful of the mixture is placed in the affected ear, and then the head is tilted back to the side to permit the excess solution to drain out of the ears. This treatment is also contraindicated to people with holes or other perforations in the ear or ear drum.
A good treatment recommended is treatment with a few drops of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Experts suggest that most of the swimmers ear problem can be cured by putting vinegar drops 3 times a day in the ears. The method is to put a few drops in the ear canal for about 5 minutes that results in draining of the drops.

Alcohol And Apple Cider Vinegar

When swimmer's ear or any chronic ear infection is diagnosed, a good doctor should evaluate neck function to see if chiropractic care is indicated. If their ear evaluation shows no ear drum damage, the patient could be provided with directions for a very simple home made solution of equal portions rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar.Mix 1/3 apple cider vinegar with 2/3`s steaming water and place the ear over the steam. Be sure not to scold yourself. This remedy is good for both adults and children as it relieves pain, kills bacteria and has other health benefits.

Olive Oil

Take a small amount of olive oil and warm it (test it on your the underside of your wrist before putting into your ear to make sure that it isn't too hot) and put a few drops into the affected ear. Tilt your head to the opposite side of the affected ear to let the oil flow down into your ear. I've also read that you can do this with Garlic oil which has natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties which could help soothe your ear.

Warm Cloth

Although unlikely, untreated or serious swimmer's ear sometimes also affects the bone and cartilage encompassing the ear canal. Pain can be mitigated by the use of a heating pad, a warm cloth over the ear, or acetaminophen.

Garlic Oil

If earache-affected person is suffering from an infection, garlic oil is recommended for curing the condition. Gently warm a few drops of garlic oil first, then pour it down the affected ear canal. The garlic oil will cleanse the ear, soothe the pain and will also help fight the infection.