Top Ways to Increase Your Appetite


Ginger has been used traditionally as a digestive aid. By improving digestion,it makes food absorption better and helps make you feel full longer. And it has a lot of medicinal benefits, too.Ginger cinnamon and caspsaicin are also very effective.There has been a lot of research in recent years about the benefits of Ginger as a food
that aids in burning fat. In fact many of this research indicate that people who eat ginger regularly may lose up to 20% more fat than those who don't. How it helps is that it opens up the blood vessels and that in turn increases blood flow circulation through the body. Don't underestimate how significant this can be for your body and adding ginger to your food can be very simple. 


Tomatoes are a good source of potassium and vitamins,specifically Vitamin A and Vitamin C.They are also a good source of fiber, which may lower cholesterol levels, manages blood sugar levels and helps prevent colon cancer. Fiber even helps maintain a healthy weight.It contains lycopene, a carotenoid and antioxidant that gives tomatoes their color.

Of course, you will still need carbohydrates in your appetite suppressant diet, but you can find them in most fruits and vegetables. There are still plenty of options for a variety of foods you can eat regularly and enjoy. Try to eat a leafy salad each day. This can be bulked out with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and peppers for a more satisfying dish. 

Red Wine:

The antioxidants contained in red wine can help us resist the damage of oxidation and free radicals,protect the body cells and maintain the normal functions of internal organs in our bodies.Drinking red wine can also act as a blood thinner which can prevent dangerous clotting.Resveratrol may also help to prevent age-related disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Lemon Juice:

It helps to reduce appetite as it contains a substance that prevents us from feeling hungry.Lemons can also reduce your appetite and cravings, they contain pectin, a soluble fibre commonly found in citrus fruits. Pectin helps stave off hunger as the fiber creates a feeling of fullness, which results in the suppression of hunger cravings. 

By feeling fuller for longer, you're less likely to snack or make poor food choices.It is a good source of dietary fiber which helps keep your digestive tract healthy by improving your digestion and reducing your appetite. Lemons help your liver produce bile, which is essential for proper digestion, reducing constipation and heartburn.


Grapes are the perfect fruits to treat anorexia.Persons who suffer from this disease should eat grapes daily.If you only want to satisfy your children's appetite for peanut butter and jelly and grape juice, table grapes are the best varieties that you can grow because of their naturally sweet taste.

Black Berries:

Acai is an appetite suppressor that encourages you to eat less.It burns fats that otherwise would be stored in your body, and turns them into energy. It increases your metabolism, also to aid in burning excess fats.I believe in the power of berries and other "blue" foods but I can't seem to find the appetite to eat them enough.Many weight loss programs and products make you eat dangerously little either by force of will or through chemical means. 

This can make you shed pounds quickly - too quickly to be safe at times. Your body does not need just energy to survive. The regular intake of food assures a constant supply of vitamins and minerals needed to sustain your body. Extreme dieting and appetite suppressants are not the answer.


Popular appetite enhancing herbs that boost kiddie digestion as well include root extracts of Ashwagandha in tea form or tincture; Fenugreek extracts administered in capsule, paste, powder, and ripe seed format; and Ginger root which can be offered in candied herb format, soft gel, tablet, and tincture. This herb is commonly used for appetite loss, and to stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women. And a handful of studies have discovered that fenugreek may help in bringing down blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers, that's according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines.Some time back, the Diabetes UK referred to several herbs being studied, including momordica cymbalaria, gymnema sylvestre and swertia chirayita.


Honey and cinnamon for weight loss can be used as one part honey to two parts cinnamon.After drinking a mixture of cinnamon and honey claims have been made that inches have been lost as this formula blocks your body from gaining excess fat if taken as part of a healthy diet. The mixture of honey and cinnamon for weight loss can also be added to fruit juice, sauces e.g. apple sauce. It is also claimed that this mixture, taken before a meal as a drink or with your meal as a spread or on cereals, can suppress the appetite-which can only be a good thing. The appetite center of the brain has receptors for insulin, when someone is in a state of insulin resistance, most of the insulin cannot get to these receptors, the pancreas keeps putting out more and more insulin to bring glucose down and that keeps appetite high.

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