Best Natural Ways To Cure Carpal Tunnel | Tips to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated in a wide variety of ways and these ways include exercise and medications. In more extreme cases, surgery may also be required. The importance of prevention is always more important
that whatever cure that can be achieved. Prevention can easily be achieved by using ergonomic office furniture, frequent stretching exercises, rest breaks and the use of splints that keep the wrists straight. Correct posture and wrist positioning also works as well.

If you are performing stretching, you will stretch and strengthening the tight muscles which will helps to take some pressure off the main nerve tunnel which is carpal tunnel. Perform this stretches daily basis as you can eliminate the stiffness on your hands.

There are many over the counter drug prescriptions to help relieve the pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Among the more popular ones are anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by doctors for pain-relief. However, be careful on drugs prescription, as there might be long term effects to this type of treatment. Although the pain might be temporarily relieved, in the long run, the root of the symptoms are not completely eliminated.

Stand or sit with your elbows near to your waist, your forearms stretched in front of you and parallel to the floor along with your palms facing down. Get a one-pound weight in each hand. Retaining your lower arms still, slowly bend your wrists from side to side, transferring the weights toward subsequently away from one another in a windshield wiper-like movement. Do 10 sets.

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The best way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, however, is to prevent the condition from occurring. In most cases, this can be done by limiting repetitive motions such as typing for long periods of time. Simple stretching of the wrist and fingers throughout the day may also prevent the median nerve from becoming injured. Stabilization of the fingers and wrist may also prevent further symptoms.

Yoga exercises that include stretching and joint-strengthening poses can improve the condition of yoga sufferers. However, it must be understood that yoga poses does not cure carpal tunnel syndrome. The study only concludes that persons who suffer from CTS who do yoga get better than those who don't.

Natural healing include a change of the patients daily activities, healthy diet to reduce toxins from the body, as well as wrist exercises to ease the pain on the carpal nerves. The main purpose is to allow the hand muscles to return to their normal state. There are chronic patients who report complete recovery after consistently practicing daily wrist exercise and self massage.

The way to eliminate it is to remove the fibrotic adhesions from the muscles which are causing the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Targeting the exact muscles which affect the carpal tunnel will allow the pressure on the median nerve to ease and the syndrome will dissipate as I have seen many times.  No drugs, no injections - just natural relief at the heart of the problem.